TuffPly Flooring


IPL makes a range of Tuffply Flooring manufactured to AS/NZ 2269, which can be used in a variety of situations from residential to commercial and industrial applications.

IPL Tuffply Flooring is available treated to H3.2 (CCA treated) and on request clear treated LOSP to H3.1 standard necessary for wet areas and situations where there is some likelihood of dampness. It is also available untreated to be used in areas where contact with moisture is not a consideration.

IPL Tuffply Flooring comes with a T&G plastic tongue which allows the sheets to be interlocked doing away with the need for nogging/blocking between, hence savings on labour and material.

IPL Tuffply Flooring is also available in a square edge finish which requires the panel to be joined on a joist on the 1.2m wide end and the 2.4m length is to be joined on nogging or blocking which will be required between the joists.

IPL Tuffply Flooring is available with C grade face and with a D grade back although on request can be manufactured with a clean (S grade) face which can be clear coated to take advantage of the natural pine face. IPL Tuffply Flooring can be manufactured for use in a situation where the underside can be exposed with our 100mm spaced V groove profile giving the TG&V effect to be seen on a mezzanine floor or second storey. IPL Tuffply Flooring is available in 15,17,19,21,25 and 32mm.

Bonding of the plywood is made with Super E0 formaldehyde resin. The E0 level is less than 3 parts per million which is often less than the reading which occurs in natural surroundings. This makes IPL Tuffply Flooring a very good eco-friendly option.

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