Tuffply Bracing


IPL plywood offers unsurpassed quality backed by a third party audited quality assurance programme.

Benefits of IPL Tuffply Bracing

  • Proven performance and strength
  • Guaranteed quality via EWPAA Product Certification Scheme
  • Site damage resistance (cross laminated construction)
  •  Bonded with durable ‘marine’ A bond
  •  Easy and light to handle
  •  Simple installation (gun nail to within 7mm of edges)
  •  High strength and stiffness in relatively short panels
  •  Braces building frame during construction period
  •  Economical and eco friendly
  •  Super EO – less than 0.3mg/l AS/NZ Standard formaldehyde emissions
  •  Use in conjunction with GIB board

Environmentally Sustainable

All veneer used in IPL Tuffply Bracing is from renewable, plantation-grown Pinus Radiata New Zealand plantations and is available FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified on request.

There are many sound reasons to choose IPL Tuffply Bracing
Timber framed require bracing structually able to resist imposed horizontal forces (racking forces) resulting from earthquakes or high winds during the building life.

IPL Tuffply Bracing is a safe and reliable means of providing bracing for light timber framed buildings.

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