IPL SignPly is a plywood panel designed specifically for the sign industry to provide a high quality, smooth, paintable surface which can be used in interior and exterior situations.

SignPly has been produced by IPL since 1985 and is known for its quality throughout the New Zealand sign industry. Currently it is the only New Zealand produced plywood sign board available.

SignPly is available in a range of thicknesses – 10mm, 12.5mm & 17.5mm with a paintable surface on one side (F1S) or paintable on both sides (F2S). The difference between the two is that the F2S product has a yellow ochre coloured resin impregnated paper on both sides for double sided signs. The F1S product is for single sided signs. It has a black sealer on the back specifically to help keep moisture out.

The sealer paper is unsuitable for painting as it has no adhesion qualities.

The yellow ochre paper is compatible with all paint systems but to ensure durability it is always advisable to use a high quality system and applied according
to the paint manufacturers specifications.

SignPly must be edge sealed with a good quality paint system to keep water from entering the plywood substrate. In doing this it will ensure that the sign will last for several years.

Panels can be sawn, drilled and routed with all standard woodworking tools.

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