CCA wood preservative

Recently certain New Zealand media has questioned the health and safety aspects of using CCA as a wood treatment. CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) preservative has been used in New Zealand for over 50 years and has proved to be the most reliable and cost effective form of timber preservation.

The New Zealand Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) reviewed CCA and the risk of health related issues in 2003, commissioning Dr Deborah Read, a public health physician, to prepare a report, which was subsequently peer-reviewed by a number of health professionals (Read 2003). In the report, Dr Read stated:

“There are no epidemiological studies or human case reports involving disease related to direct contact with CCA-treated wood, and the low level exposures that most of the general population will experience from contact with CCA-treated wood are extremely unlikely to result in acute health effects. CCA-treated wood has also been in use for many years without discernible adverse health effects suggesting that if there is a true risk it is very small.”

A second review was done by Dr. Bruce Graham (2009) continuing to support the stance by ERMA, NZ in response to the Read report.

“Background exposures to arsenic from food and water sources are significantly higher than from estimated exposure to CCA timber. The combined intake of arsenic from all these sources falls well below the World Health Authority tolerable daily intake for arsenic.”
Temple and Di Marco (2003)

IPL offers ACQ preservative as an alternative to CCA

ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) is a water-based preservative system developed in the USA.

The formulation contains copper oxide which is the primary fungicide and insecticide and a quaternary ammonium compound which provides additional fungicide and insect resistance properties.

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This treatment is generally used on all high grade products SD and AD as well as AlpineClad and EliteLine but also available on all products on request.


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